Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's My Turn!

after all the hard works and the sleepless nights, I finally graduated from Multimedia University..
i will never forget all the experiences. The smile, the laugh, the tears..
I still can't believe that i am not a student anymore..

I can still remember clearly falling asleep on the "4x4" mahjung paper- crying and asking zaim to go and buy the ink for me coz I only have 1 hour to finish everything..
staring at the monitor the whole night and hoping that the idea can come faster..
looking at the watch and praying that hiro nakamura can come and freeze the time for me..
screaming and cursing the pc in the middle of the night..
asking the aunt to open the printing shop early coz we can't finish everything before 10pm..
make the mess with my fellow classmates in front of aunt's printing shop by using spraymount..
'ketuk-ketampi' for 8 hours and hoping that the umpa-lumpas can come and help us pasting everything on the mounting boards..

I can never forget Che Mat's face and voice when he screamed and asked me & Diyana to take the stairs instead of the lift..
I can still remember my legs are shaking and I can't say a word when I saw Mr.K entering the class during my presentation..
and the funny part when Qaha said "is the booth is the roof is the kuku kambing!" hahahahahahaha!

I can also remember clearly the classes with Ms Nana, Mr Nazri, Mdm Rina, Mr. Zul, Ms Tasha, Mr. Najib, Mr. Ramlan, Mr. Halim, Mr Edy, Puan Sri, Ms Mastura, Mr Imran, Dr Hew, Dr Neo Mai, Mr Ken Noe, Mr Ghaz, Mr Mus, Mr Norman, Mdm Forest, Mdm Koo, Mr Izani, Mr Kam, Mr Yap Sau Bin, Ms Linda, Mr Kannan..

Thank you so much to all the lecturers who never give up teaching us although sometimes we are just too 'bengap'.. huhu

to all my friends..Congratulations! we've made it!

can't believe we've been friends for almost 5 years already..

all my Partners in Crime!!!
From left:
Bona, JaQ, Gump, Nea, Qaha, Onana, Arm, Kecik

p/s: i will miss everything! sob sob~


nooreen.rahman said...

diana, congratulations!!! :) yeay \(^^)/

BabyCrownz said...

thank you noreen!!!

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