Thursday, August 13, 2009

why can't i have both?

why can't feelings and rational come together?
why can't i have all in one?
i don't want to choose either one.. i want both!
choices are good but sometimes it's easier if we don't have any choice..
because normally choices have pro and cons..
and none of it is perfect..
and it's really hard to choose! sigh...

and why la why?? why can't i focus and think properly..
why i always fall for a jerk?
why can't i put aside all these and think just about my own future and life?
hati dan otak gile mengada skang.. rasa nak shut down je dua2!
(demm apesal tetibe emo plak ni? ish)

p/s: to a good friend who always give me great advise (i think you know who you are coz you are the only friend who always talk about my priority), i really appreciate it and i'm so lucky to have you as a friend now for i always failed to think properly myself. I hope one day you will be proud of me!


lim tong said...

Between two worlds life hovers like a star, twixt night and morn, upon the horizon's verge

BabyCrownz said...


Anonymous said...

yup..saya tau siapa yang dimaksudkan