Wednesday, April 15, 2009


yesterday was my fyp presentation..
(dah seminggu tak cukup tido.. biasalah)

monday was the most critical day for me and my fellow classmates..
Syaza, Diyana and i went to uitm shah alam to print our work because it was so much cheaper there.. if i print my whole project here in Cyber, it will cost me around RM120. (ni baru print, tak kire nak beli barang² lain lagi)
It cost me only RM48 in uitm s.alam.. (gile banyak kan beza)
but of course the quality is better here..
but Syaza left her thumbdrive (gile sedih) so she had to print here and because she was much much more hardworking than me, it cost her RM150 just for printing..

we reached home at 9pm and we started pasting all the things on the boards at 10.30pm..
i thought we can finish it all at around 12pm so we can prepare for the presentation and had a good night sleep before the big day..
but little that we know, it took us MUCH longer time than we expected..
and when i say much, i mean So Damn Much!..
it took us 8 F-ing hours with pain like i was force to climb up a rocky mountain-run back down-do a pumping and then half stand-with empty stomach!!!
by 6am we look like a drug addict zombie.. numb, pale, blur, and can't stop laughing (sbb dah cuak giler)..

Yeap! the big day.. at 9.30am we were already in class, but the presentation only started at 11am.. haih
we were so tired we didn't prepare for the presentation..
Mr. K said the presentation has to be in 2 days.. so we're not sure whether we can present on tuesday or not..
i wanted to finish it all but i was also nervous because i didn't prepare..
Mr. K decided that we used the student i.d list and he called the first number..
After presented, that person had to a pick a number to determine the next presenter..
most of my classmates didn't know their numbers..
there are 46 students altogether and i know that i am the number one in the list..
so guess what, nobody pick number 1..
i know this will happen..
if u were to pick a number, will u choose number one???

by 5pm i already gave up! we were waiting for our number to be called for the whole day!
i wanted to go home and sleep.. i felt so restless..
syaza, diyana and i already promise that if any of us is called, we will pick each other next because we knew our number..
at 5.15pm someone did called syaza! hooray! we can finally finish it..
so syaza pick me.. but before i present Mr.K announced that i will be the last person for tuesday!
OMG! I looked at diyana, and her face look so dissapointed..
and to make thing worst, the presentation won't be on Wednesday, but Thursday.. demm..
sorry diyana!!!

after the presentation i went home.. i fall asleep i think around 8pm..
dan terus tido mati.. kalau rumah meletop pon sure takkan bangun punye!!
and just now (at 4am) i woke up and realized that i didn't move the car! damn it!
so guess what.. dah kene clamped! terima kasih!

p/s: tak tau nak cakap ape.. sakit badan dan sakit otak je skang..

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