Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a girl's dream

when i was a little girl..
to be exact at the age of 14
(i'm still little at this age okay!), me and my girlfriends used to talk a lot about our dream guy..
(time ni memang zaman gatal la kan.. hahaha)

one night i stayed up to do my homework while listening to the radio
(i think it's Radio Langkawi)..
the topic that were discussed that night was about love..
and i remember a lady called the radio station and said that she had wrote about her dream guy in her diary when she was a teenager. And now she already found that guy and they are happily married..
While thinking how cool can that be, to found someone that u've been dreaming of all this while, i took my diary and did the same..
i wrote about my dream guy.. :)

but i didn't keep it as a secret.. i told my friends about it..
i even let them read that part of my diary..
(to be honest i'm not good at keeping my own secret, and i ended up having no secret.. but, i kept others' secret okay! so don't worry my friends..)
but when they saw what i wrote, they burst into a big laugh! demm it..
and i can still remember what they said to me..
"hang ni bengong la mardiana! sapa nak laki macam ni?"

and i asked them back what's the problem?
all i want is just a normal guy..
and they didn't know that the 4 characters that i wrote actually conclude who that person is..

so here's what i wrote in my diary 10 years back..

Lelaki idaman aku: (hahahahaha! giler lame weh ayat ni!)

1. 'Dia' mestilah melayu. (i'm not racist. Anybody can be my 'friends' okay)
2. Sedap mata memandang (mata aku la kan).
3. 'Dia' bukan pengemas tapi bukan pengotor.
4. 'Dia' mestilah minat sangat bola (kalau terer main lagi bagus). Nak tengok bola punya pasai, dia boleh ja terlupa yang dia patutnya ada date dengan aku hari tu. Tapi aku harap dia boleh bawak aku tengok bola sama-sama.

p/s: takdelah pelik sangat kan?..


nooreen.rahman said...

suke this entry! haha nk buat gak nnt kat dlm blog. ala ala ni. heh i rasa okay je lelaki idaman u ni. dont worry normal ni, i rasa semua je lelaki melayu camni. :)

BabyCrownz said...

hahaha! tulah, normal je kan..
ha buatla noreen.. nak tau gak lelaki idaman u cemana.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

ok jek.. takde masalah.. cuma basic sgt laa kot.. xcukup character lagi.. boleh di improvekan yeh dalam dairi yang lain..

BabyCrownz said...

hehe.. baiklah, nanti saya improvekan lagi.. lebih detail.. hehehe