Monday, July 06, 2009

i've learn..

this couple of days, i've learn so many things till i thought my head are going to explode..
but maybe it's a good thing that i've learn all this now..

a very close person to me came to my house yesterday bringing a sad story that even worst than what i've been through..
i thought mine was already so bad, but there.. God showed to me that i should be grateful for what happen to me coz her life is more miserable than mine right now..
pity her for what happen to her.. and i really admire her for being so strong...

things that happened to me and her really give a big impact in my life..
i don't know whether it's good or bad..
but i think for now i'm giving up on love and relationship..
right now what i need are family, friends and career..

to my family and all my friends:
i'm sorry if i am not that fun right now.. i will try my very best to get over this soon.. if u know me well, u'll know that i never felt and act like this before.. so i hope u guys will bear with me for i am not myself for the time being..
but i promise u guys that i will get better soon and i'll be the annoying talkative Diana with the smile on my face again..
thanks so much for all the support and wise words..

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